Sedimentology and ichnology of Neogene Coastal Swamp deposits in the Niger Delta Basin, Nigeria

  • Sunny C. Ezeh, Wilfred A. Mode, Berti M. Ozumba, Nura A. Yelwa
  • Geologos, January 2016, De Gruyter
  • DOI: 10.1515/logos-2016-0020

Application of cores, well logs and trace fossils in depositional environment interpretation.

What is it about?

Knowing the agents that deposit sediments and the environment. There are various techniques and pitfalls but this work shows one of the most reliable method especially if you are working on cores (sediments cut from oil/gas wells). It's also applicable in outcrops (surface exposed sedimentary rocks).

Why is it important?

Efficient interpretation of sedimentary rocks


Sunny C. Ezeh

It is exciting to see this out especially knowing how much it is needed. Working with a Professor of petroleum geology and sedimentology and an industry expert with over 30 years experience working for Shell Exploration and Production. It will blow you mind......

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