Kudos for Institutions

Improve research performance and strengthen research support

Both researchers and institutions are under pressure to grow their research profile.

Kudos provides you with deep, actionable insight into the most effective ways to increase publication impact.

Our simple toolkit can be used by all researchers, to manage communications across all channels, for all their publications. By helping them measure the effect of their efforts against a range of metrics, we’re mobilizing them to undertake more outreach, and helping you to leverage their expertise and networks.

We then provide you with reports and tools that uniquely enable you to understand, amplify and support researchers’ efforts to improve the performance of their work.

Maximize impact

Kudos has been shown to increase readership by 23% on average.

With publications still a dominant medium for research communication, readership is the foundation of many kinds of impact. A recent study has shown that explaining and sharing via Kudos takes on average 10 minutes and leads to 23% higher growth in full-text downloads.

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Mobilize researchers

Get beyond metrics-as-measurement, to metrics-as-motivation.

By mapping communications actions against publications metrics, Kudos mobilizes researchers to increase visibility of their work – they can see that just 10 minutes spent explaining work in plain language, and sharing it via email, social media, or academic networks, can drive “meaningful” metrics such as downloads and citations.

“Kudos is so simple to use - I can effortlessly share my research on multiple platforms and track it from the Kudos dashboard.”
Dr Mark F. Weems, Health Care Professional, Medicine and Medical Science, University of Tennessee, USA

Support researchers

Provide more tailored guidance to help them communicate more efficiently.

By centrally channeling how your researchers communicate, and bringing together a range of publication metrics in one place, Kudos provides you with unique intelligence about the most effective ways to communicate. You can use this to shape more tailored training for researchers and help them use their limited time for outreach as effectively as possible.

“Some authors were reluctant to use social media, but Kudos has helped show how this can benefit them – we believe the increase in our Altmetric scores is linked to use of Kudos, and downloads have increased for the authors we’ve showcased.”
Clare Hooper, Head of Journals, Liverpool University Press

Showcase the best

Acknowledge and amplify researchers’ communications.

Kudos makes it easy to surface, track and measure the effect of researchers’ communications against a wide range of metrics. It helps you identify, acknowledge and reward your institution’s best research and researchers, with “one-click” options for retweeting their posts, or adding them to an institutional showcase page.

“I feel it is important for people other than a small range of academics to be aware of, and able to access, cutting edge work in the field. Kudos fulfils that need by driving “shares” whilst also ensuring that articles are read from their original source.”
Dr Michael Collins, Lecturer in American Literature, University of Kent

Broaden audiences

Maximize engagement both within and beyond academia.

The plain language summaries created in Kudos help more people find and understand your institution’s research. You can use simple widgets to incorporate these explanations into repositories, and other institutional websites, to maximize discovery and engagement both within and beyond academia.

Streamline your support

Support more researchers and promote more research, with less resource.

Kudos provides a consistent way to manage communications in any channel (from email and social media to “closed” networks, even conferences), for over 7,000 publishers’ books and journals, mapping these against multiple metrics.

Tracking everything through a single system saves time – from making it quicker to acknowledge and amplify researchers’ tweets, and ready-made baskets of metrics, to refining your own communications choices based on unique data about what works best for particular subject areas or career levels.