Kudos for Publishers

Increase publication performance and strengthen author relationships

Authors are increasingly sharing their work, often within private networks. Publication usage is being fragmented, putting subscriptions at risk, and publishers are being cut out of the picture in terms of understanding and building on new modes of scholarly communication.

Kudos provides tools and intelligence to help you connect with authors after publication, collaborate with them to maximize publication usage and impact, and reclaim lost usage.

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23% more readers

Increase usage

Kudos has been shown to increase readership by 23% on average.

A recent study has shown that explaining and sharing via Kudos takes on average 10 minutes and leads to 23% higher growth in full-text downloads.

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Mobilize authors

Get beyond metrics-as-measurement, to metrics-as-motivation.

By mapping communications actions against publications metrics, Kudos mobilizes authors to increase visibility of their work – they can see that just 10 minutes spent explaining work in plain language, and sharing it via email, social media, or academic networks, can drive “meaningful” metrics such as downloads and citations. Kudos is also focused on sharing of links, rather than full text, and helps to drive copyright-compliant sharing that maximizes usage of the version of record.

“Some authors were reluctant to use social media, but Kudos has helped show how this can benefit them – we believe the increase in our Altmetric scores is linked to use of Kudos, and downloads have increased for the authors we’ve showcased.” Clare Hooper, Head of Journals, Liverpool University Press

Support authors

Expand your services for authors, and amplify their communications.

Build author loyalty by providing additional services to help them improve the impact of the work they publish with you. You can maximize the effect of their communications with minimum effort, and make your own promotional activities more visible, so authors can clearly recognize and measure the support you are giving them.

“We wanted to expand our services for authors, get closer to them, support them in trying a range of new communications tools, and Kudos provides a simple service to do exactly that. So, it was a simple decision to partner with Kudos!” Graham Woodward, Associate Marketing Director, Wiley

Engage with the best

Attract quality submissions and identify rising stars.

By benchmarking the performance of publications against a wide range of metrics, you can identify and engage more closely with high-interest authors and topics.

“Kudos has been a unique and unexpected way to build relationships with some of the leading lights in our community.” Jonathan Agbenyega, Business Development Manager, International Union of Crystallography

Optimize your marketing

Support more authors and promote more content, with less resource.

By learning which content and channels are proving most effective for attracting interest in your content, you can both refine your own marketing and PR choices, and tailor the training and guidance you give authors, to help them use their limited time for outreach as effectively as possible.

“Kudos is helping us make decisions about our strategy and tactics, and is building usage.” Hannah Baldwin, Head of Marketing, The IET

Case studies

Publishers of all business models and in all subject areas are achieving success with Kudos.

Over 80 publishers have partnered with Kudos. Read about their experiences:


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