Kudos for Researchers

Make sure more people find, read, apply and cite your research

The pressure to create and demonstrate impact for your work means you have to work harder to ensure it is found, read, applied and cited. But you don’t have to be a communications expert, or to invest a lot of time. Kudos provides you with simple tools and guidance to help you maximize readership and citations for your work. Watch a brief introduction to Kudos here.

Mobilize your research

The goal of Kudos is to help more people find and understand your work.

Kudos is not a networking site or a publications listing – it’s a toolkit for helping you use those kinds of sites more effectively to maximize visibility of your work.

Take 5 minutes to explain your work in plain language - this will make it easier for potential readers to find and understand it.

Then use your custom Kudos link to share your work – via email, social media, academic networks or elsewhere - to let people know you have published.

23% more readers

Why Kudos?

Explaining and sharing via Kudos takes 10 minutes and can increase readership by 23%.

You need to know which of your efforts to communicate are actually increasing your readership, so you can focus what time you have more effectively.

Using Kudos makes it easier to track the effect of your actions on downloads, discussion, readership and, ultimately, citations.

A recent study has shown that explaining and sharing via Kudos takes on average 10 minutes and leads to 23% higher growth in full-text downloads.

Measuring your success

Kudos makes it easy to map communications actions to publication metrics.

Kudos uniquely brings together a “basket of metrics” including citations, downloads and Altmetrics (tracking discussion of your work in a range of places including press coverage, social media and government policy.)

We map your efforts to share your work against this range of metrics to give you a one-stop shop for understanding the performance of your work (wherever you have published) and what effect your efforts to communicate have had (wherever you communicate).

Case Studies

Researchers at all career levels and in all fields are achieving success with Kudos.

Download our “top users” PDF for quick examples of how easy researchers have found it to maximize their impact with minimal effort by using Kudos. For more details, read our “Experiences with Kudos” interviews with researchers working in Psychology, Language & Linguistics, Chemistry, and English.

“Kudos is so simple to use - I can effortlessly share my research on multiple platforms and track it from the Kudos dashboard” (Dr Mark F. Weems, Medicine and Medical Science, University of Tennessee, USA)

"I feel it is important for people other than a small range of academics to be aware of, and able to access, cutting edge work in the field. Kudos fulfills that need by driving “shares” whilst also ensuring that articles are read from their original source." (Dr Michael Collins, Lecturer in American Literature, University of Kent)

Ongoing support

Kudos involves three steps and 15 minutes’ effort. We’ll help you along the way!

Our “15 minutes to impact” blog series helps you through the process, provides references to help explain the value of each step, and hints and tips for how you can “supercharge” your efforts to get the best results.

Our support team is on hand to provide you with assistance if you get stuck, and you can also check our user guide and FAQ, or get in touch via Twitter or Facebook.

Watch our videos

Prefer to watch rather than read? Take a look at our YouTube channel.

We have quick introductions to explaining and sharing your work, as well as a guide to getting started with Social Media.