Potentials of Xylopia Aethiopica for short-term protection of cowpea (VAR IT-81D-975)seeds in Nigeria

CO Ojimelukwe
  • Nigeria Agricultural Journal, January 2010, African Journals Online (AJOL)
  • DOI: 10.4314/naj.v31i1.49339

Xylopia aethiopica enhances short term storage life of cowpeas

Photo by lan deng on Unsplash

Photo by lan deng on Unsplash

What is it about?

Addition of ground powder of Xylopia aethipica discourages infestation by the cowpea weevil and prolongs the storage life of this legume.

Why is it important?

Xylopia aethiopica can be effectively used for short term storage of cowpeas.


Professor Philippa C OJIMELUKWE
Michael Okpara University of Agriculture Umudike, Abia state, Nigeria

For resource poor farmers and consumers, ground xylopia aethiopica may be used in combination with packaging materials like plastic cans to prolong the shelf life of cowpeas for 3-6 months

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