Mucosal Immunisation: Adjuvants and Delivery Systems

P. Moyle, R. McGeary, J. Blanchfield, I. Toth
  • Current Drug Delivery, October 2004, Bentham Science Publishers
  • DOI: 10.2174/1567201043334588

What is it about?

This review provides an overview of the immune system with respect to the elicitation of vaccine immune responses at mucosal surfaces, as well as various microbial (e.g. bacterial toxins, CpG DNA, cytokines/chemokines, live vactors, and virus-like particles) and synthetic (e.g. microspheres, liposomes, and lipopeptides) strategies that have been investigated as adjuvants or delivery systems.

Why is it important?

We all hate needles. What if we could receive our vaccinations as a nasal spray? How about an oral formulation or a vaginal pessary? Such approaches not only minimise pain, but also reduce the need for specialised individuals to administer vaccines, and offer improved compliance, which is particularly important when vaccines need boosting.

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