Current controversies in the initial post-surgical radioactive iodine therapy for thyroid cancer: a narrative review

  • Ralph Blumhardt, Ely A Wolin, William T Phillips, Umber A Salman, Ronald C Walker, Brendan C Stack, Darlene Metter
  • Endocrine Related Cancer, October 2014, Bioscientifica
  • DOI: 10.1530/erc-14-0286

What is it about?

A narrative review of the available literature regarding the safety and efficacy of radioactive iodine therapy after thyroidectomy for thyroid cancer.


Ely A Wolin
David Grant USAF Medical Center

This review was written due to current pressures to limit the dose of radioactive iodine, or forego radioactive iodine therapy completely, for certain patients in the initial post-surgical setting for thyroid cancer. It is out belief that the literature does not currently support a change from "standard" dosing and that doing so may in fact be harmful, with the overarching goal of therapy being to improve survival.

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