"Gon forth of ye land": The Emigration of Nottinghamshire Quakers to the New World, 1660-1700

  • Stuart B. Jennings
  • Quaker History, January 2002, Johns Hopkins University Press
  • DOI: 10.1353/qkh.2002.0009

The Emigration of Nottinghamshire Quakers to the Americas in the late seventeenth century

What is it about?

An exploration of the social and economic impact of emigration of Nottinghamshire Quakers to the Americas over the period 1670-1700. It particularly focuses upon the importance of kinship links to underline the significance of the impact

Why is it important?

The paper has aroused considerable interest and correspondence both with Family historians in the US and also historians of early colonial American history. The links with the midlands area and the eastern seaboard states is reflected not only in place names such as Newark, Trent, Nottingham etc but also in the activities of leading figures within the Quaker movement on both sides of the Atlantic

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