Breaking down barriers to bariatric care

Julie Swann
  • Nursing and Residential Care, July 2010, Mark Allen Group
  • DOI: 10.12968/nrec.2010.12.7.48511

Understanding why the incidence of excessive weight gain is rising.

What is it about?

This article, the first in a series, discusses the differences between people who are overweight, obese or bariatric and explores the ways obesity impacts on a person's health.

Why is it important?

The impact of this on a person's health and, in particular, the management of over-sized patients affects service delivery within hospitals, clinics and a person's own home. Obesity is a risk factor for several diseases that are major causes of morbidity and mortality.


Mrs Julie I Swann

Across all age groups throughout most of the developed world, the incidence of overweight and obesity is rising.

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