Insomnia: Causes and approaches to treatment

Julie I Swann
  • British Journal of Mental Health Nursing, May 2017, Mark Allen Group
  • DOI: 10.12968/bjmh.2017.6.3.118

Sleep process, insomnia and treatments to help improve the quality of sleep are outlined.

What is it about?

This article describes the process of sleep and the causes of insomnia; and outlines treatments to help improve the quality of sleep particularly in older people.

Why is it important?

Sleep is a natural state of inactivity resulting from the closing down of bodily systems, aided by the production of hormones. There are considerable variables in sleep patterns and individual requirements. Insomnia covers a variety of sleep problems, each needing a different approach.


Mrs Julie I Swann

Simple techniques can be used to help patients to gain a good night's sleep.

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