Cervical spondylosis part 1: osteoarthritis of the cervical spine

Julie Swann
  • British Journal of Healthcare Assistants, February 2009, Mark Allen Group
  • DOI: 10.12968/bjha.2009.3.2.39392

The degenerative condition of cervical spondylosis is explained.

What is it about?

This article explains cervical spondylosis and outlines the main forms of treatment.

Why is it important?

Degenerative changes are common within bones and joints, due to excessive 'wear and tear', resulting in osteoarthritis. When these symptoms appear in the cervical region of the spinal vertebrae, this degenerative process is termed cervical spondylosis.


Mrs Julie I Swann

A multitude of problems can occur, ranging from mild localised pain and discomfort to a major dysfunction of the nervous system.

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