The ‘David and Goliath’ and 2015 Election Outcomes in Nigeria: From the Opposition to the Ruling Party

  • Ernest Toochi Aniche
  • Insight on Africa, November 2017, SAGE Publications
  • DOI: 10.1177/0975087817735385

The Outcomes of 2015 Elections in Nigeria

What is it about?

Generally, Nigerian political parties in the present republic have been hampered by crisis of internal democracy thus undermining their political leadership recruitment function. The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) is a good example of one of these Nigerian political parties that lacks internal democracy. In fact, PDP was a leviathan. The 2015 Election symbolised a contest between David and Goliath. The electoral outcome is that PDP has transformed from a ruling party to an opposition party. The study concludes that lack of internal democracy was a necessary condition for PDP’s poor performance in the 2015 General Elections, and thus, there is a relationship between crisis of internal democracy and 2015 electoral outcomes. Also, the paper noted that PDP authoritarianism deepened crisis of internal democracy in Nigeria and that this authoritarian character of the former ruling PDP was a reflection of the authoritarian character of the Nigerian state which is currently shaping the ruling APC.

Why is it important?

The study is significance because it explains the reasons for lack of internal party democracy, intra-party conflicts, party factionalization, party defection, election outcomes, election fraud, irregularities or malpractices, electoral disputes, election violence, and democratic instability in Nigeria. Also, it is important because it recommends solutions to the aforementioned problems.


Dr Ernest Toochi Aniche
Federal University Otuoke, Bayelsa State, Nigeria

The paper is a great lesson in party politics in Nigeria.

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