Developing Markets? Understanding the Role of Markets and Development at the Intersection of Macromarketing and Transformative Consumer Research (TCR)

Bernardo Figueiredo, Jessica Chelekis, Benet DeBerry-Spence, A. Fuat Fırat, Güliz Ger, Delphine Godefroit-Winkel, Olga Kravets, Johanna Moisander, Krittinee Nuttavuthisit, Lisa Peñaloza, Mark Tadajewski
  • Journal of Macromarketing, July 2014, SAGE Publications
  • DOI: 10.1177/0276146714543524

How can we study economic and human development a question of TCR and macromarketing issue

What is it about?

In this paper, we work towards building a bridge between macromarketing and Transformative Consumer Research to advance knowledge of economic and human development as a complex ‘‘macromarketing issue.’’ By critically engaging with the existing literature on development and reframing markets as the central organizing principle to understand development as the improvement of living conditions and well-being, our aim has been to work towards a framework that connects previously disparate studies and to identify avenues for future research, particularly in the area of ‘‘marketing and development’’.

Why is it important?

The paper combines concepts and ideas from TCR and Macromarketing and shifts attention to the political, cultural, and ethical complexities that contemporary debates on ‘‘marketing and development’’ entail, particularly regarding consumer welfare.


Professor Johanna K. Moisander
Aalto University

This paper is the result of a two day workshop on 'Markets and Development', chared by A. Fuat Firat (University of Texas Rio Grande Valley) and Güliz Ger (Bilkent University), at the 2013 conference on Transformative Consumer Research, organized in Lille, France. I feel privileged to have been invited to participate in the workshop!

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