Exploring Naming Behavior in Personal Digital Image Collections

Tami Sutcliffe
  • Leonardo, October 2016, The MIT Press
  • DOI: 10.1162/leon_a_01304

The Iconology of Pinterest

What is it about?

More than 70 million people worldwide have “pinned” personal image collections since Pinterest’s launch in 2010. This project explores the unique sense-making behaviors of independent user-curators actively contributing to an evolving social digital collection.

Why is it important?

Information professionals exploring emerging user needs in digital image curation and researchers interested in user naming behavior in social media collections will find this study helpful.


Dr. Tami Sutcliffe
University of North Texas

This study considers a classic problem which continues to challenge information scientists:: How do people share their individual interpretations of a visual experience when their representational tools are word-based? Word-based language does not necessarily provide adequate descriptions of visual experiences and the issues of transmedial translation continue to complicate investigations into how people communicate their reactions to visual stimuli. The variability of language itself contributes to a degree of information loss when visual encounters are rendered into words and this project is rooted in that dilemma.

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