Design and implementation of gaze tracking headgear for Nvidia 3D Vision®

  • Sunu Wibirama, Kazuhiko Hamamoto
  • October 2013, Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
  • DOI: 10.1109/iciteed.2013.6676216

Design of eye tracking gear to estimate where you look at in 3D space

What is it about?

The usage of Nvidia 3D Vision® is increasing rapidly, ranging from gaming to research purposes. However, researchers in human-computer interaction and virtual reality are constrained by hardware configuration since current commercial gaze tracking systems are not specifically designed to be used with Nvidia 3D Vision®. In this paper, we present a novel prototype of gaze tracking headgear which can be used appropriately with Nvidia 3D Vision®. We explain design consideration and detail implementation of our gaze tracking headgear. We also evaluate our gaze tracking system by measuring gaze accuracy on stereoscopic display. The experimental result shows that the average gaze estimation error is less than one-degree visual angle.

Why is it important?

This paper lays out the basics of building a head-mounted gear for Nvidia 3D Vision glasses. The glasses have been a prevalent device in so many scientific applications as well as in gaming and entertainment world. Thus, the idea of augmenting human gaze to stereoscopic content will broaden the use of Nvidia 3D Vision not only as a mean to see but also to support interaction in a 3D environment.​

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