Emotion Induction in Click Intention of Picture Advertisement: A Field Examination

  • ChienHsing Wu, Didi Sundiman, Shu-Chen Kao, Cheng-Hua Chen
  • Journal of Internet Commerce, June 2018, Taylor & Francis
  • DOI: 10.1080/15332861.2018.1463803

Emotion Induction in Click Intention of Picture Advertisement

What is it about?

This exploratory study proposes a model for the effect of emotions evoked by insurance advertisement pictures on click attitude conducive to click intention. The moderating role of involvement is also examined. We propose a theoretical model and empirically test it in two stages. Through an online survey, the first stage selects online picture advertisements that produce positive and negative emotions. The second stage empirically tests the model and discusses findings and implications. The positive and negative emotions positively and significantly influence click attitude: Specifically, the effect of positive emotion is strong, and the negative one is weak. The effect of positive emotion is not significant in highly involved participants but is significant in participants with lower involvement. The effect of the negative emotion is not significant in participants with either high or low involvement.

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