Personal interviews in cultural consumer research – post‐structuralist challenges

Johanna Moisander, Anu Valtonen, Heidi Hirsto
  • Consumption Markets & Culture, October 2009, Taylor & Francis
  • DOI: 10.1080/10253860903204519

Why the existential-phenomenological interview is not a perfect methodological tool for CCT scholars

What is it about?

This paper takes a post‐structuralist perspective on consumer research and discusses the role of personal interviews in cultural analysis. It problematizes the use of the phenomenological interview in cultural consumer research, arguing that the underlying research paradigm, existential‐phenomenology, is not necessarily adequate for cultural analysis because it focuses attention primarily on the individual and the first‐person experience.

Why is it important?

The paper highlights the problems of relying on personal interviews in cultural consumer research. We argue that what is known as the phenomenological interview in the field of CCT is inadequate, in may ways, for accounting for the cultural complexity of social action in the marketplace.


Professor Johanna K. Moisander
Aalto University

This paper is based on a book that we wrote with Anu Valtonen, "Qualitative marketing research: a cultural perspective". It was published by Sage Publications in 2006.

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