If we want a whole Earth, Nature Needs Half: a response to Büscher et al.

Philip Cafaro, Tom Butler, Eileen Crist, Paul Cryer, Eric Dinerstein, Helen Kopnina, Reed Noss, John Piccolo, Bron Taylor, Carly Vynne, Haydn Washington
  • Oryx, April 2017, Cambridge University Press
  • DOI: 10.1017/s0030605317000072

If we want a whole Earth, Nature Needs Half

What is it about?

Defending the vision of 'Nature Needs Half': Intraspecies justice—justice for people—should not come at the expense of interspecies justice: the very existence of other species. Nature Needs Half proponents to envision a world where all species can flourish (Goodall, 2015). This will require setting aside sufficient habitat for other species while living justly and prudently on the remainder.

Why is it important?

Supporters of Nature Needs Half agree with Büscher et al. on the need to challenge the neoliberal growth economy (Crist, 2014); our proposal does precisely that, by protecting many more areas from its ravenous demands for natural resources. Creating such a mutually flourishing world will also require limiting human numbers, another sharp challenge to the endless growth economy (and a subject ignored by Büscher et al.).


Dr Helen Kopnina
The Hague University of Applied Sciences

My perspective is expressed in KOPNINA, H. (2016) Half the earth for people (or more)? Addressing ethical questions in conservation. Biological Conservation, 203, 176–185.

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