The New Kudos Publication Page

An all new design and layout catering for both readers and authors.

Kudos has been working hard over the last few months to design and develop an all-new publication page experience for both readers and authors.

Working alongside a leading UX agency, the new page is focussed on maximizing the impact of your research and providing a easy and user-friendly reading experience. With over 160,000 users using Kudos to explain and share their publications we are proud to release the new Kudos Publication Page, Reader and Author View.

The following notes outline the changes to the publication page and provide a quick introduction to get you started.


To get started on the publication page, an author will need to click on the Claim Publication button. You will find this attached to the header on the top right of your page. After that, it is important for claimed authors to understand the Reader/Author View toggle at the top of the page. For authors these controls are your primary navigation points.

Reader/Author toggle view

By default, an individual who has not claimed the publication in Kudos will be presented with the Reader View of that publication. Once a publication has been claimed, the author will be able to switch between the Reader View and the Author View.

The Reader view is not editable and is designed solely present the author-inputted content in the best possible format for the reader.

The Author view of the publication page is where the author can curate the content displayed on the Reader View as well as share and access the Publication metrics. To do any of this, the claimed author will need to access the Author view of the publication page using the Reader / Author view toggle.

Percentage tracker

Your new publication page Author View includes a visual indication of how 'complete' your publication is. This percentage updates live with the actions you take so you can see, at a glance, the status of your publication.
In order to have your publication reach the 100% complete mark, the publication will need to have:

  1. A short title
  2. A ‘What’s it About?’
  3. A ‘Why is it Important?’
  4. A ‘Perspective’ by you and any of your co-authors
  5. At least one recorded share
  6. At least one valid resource link

Please note, the percentage complete of a publication will decrease if an explain field is deleted from that publication by any of the co-authors.

Recommended action

As the percentage complete increases on your publication page, the Kudos Recommendation Engine will work to suggest a next action for that specific publication.

You will be able to see these recommendations update in the 'Recommended Action' panel beneath the percentage complete graphic.

By clicking on the 'Recommendation Action' button the page will scroll automatically to the point on the page for that action.